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Plesk Handleidingen

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Parallels Plesk Flash Handleidingen

Plesk 12.5 Handleidingen

Uitgebreide engelstalige online documentatie over het Parallels Plesk Control Panel vindt u op deze pagina.
De online documenten zijn meer up-to-date dan de download documenten !

Customer’s Guide
This is a guide helps customers to accomplish hosting-management routines and create sites with Parallels Web Presence Builder.

Installation, Upgrade, Migration, and Transfer Guide

This guide is intended for system administrators and other IT personnel who are going to install Panel 12 orupgrade its previous versions. The document covers installations and upgrade done via the web interface, or by using command line utilities. In this guide, you will also find instructions on how to transfer hosting accounts between Panels and how to migrate to Panel from other platforms like Confixx, Parallels Pro Control Panel, or cPanel.

Administrator’s Guide
This guide is intended for server administrators who are going to manage Parallels Panel 12 and Customer and Business Manager. This document also includes instructions about offering Web Presence Builder in the Try and Buy (or trial) mode.

Reseller’s Guide
Resellers are middlemen between server administrators and end users. They order hosting services from the first group and sell them to the second. This guide explains how to set up and manage this business.

Advanced Administration Guide

The guide provides information about Panel abilities beyond that available in the standard GUI. System administrators can use this guide to access fine-grained Panel configuration and improve the system performance, security, and other options. Among the other topics, the document also explains how to:


Command Line Reference
A complete description of command line utilities for managing Parallels Panel entities. The document includes detailed information on the utilities, commands and options, all accompanied with examples.


Meeting PCI DSS Requirements for Parallels Plesk Panel
This document explains how to achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) on the Panel servers with Linux and Microsoft Windows-based systems.

How to Scale Your Business with APS
This document briefly covers the most important topics related to Application Packaging Standard (APS), the Parallels solution. The essence of APS is to give end users the same web interface to install and maintain different website applications directly from a hosting control panel. In this document, we will give you an idea of what APS is, how to use it effectively in your business, and the particularities of APS support in Parallels Panel.

Creating Custom Themes (Skins)
This document is intended for server administrators and resellers who want to change appearance and branding settings for Parallels Plesk Panel by means of custom themes (skins).

Localization Guide
This guide provides instructions on how to translate the Panel (including Customer and Business Manager and Web Presence Builder) into a language not supported by Parallels, and apply the translation to a Panel installation.

Development and ExtensionDeveloper's Guide: Read Me First
This document is an overview of all the available interfaces Panel provides to third parties. It explains how to use these interfaces to carry out all types of typical interaction tasks like objects management, event handling, and so on.

API RPC Manual
This document describes Parallels Panel objects and operations over them available through the API RPC protocol. Use it as a reference to automate daily tasks or combine the product with other software. The document also includes the samples of applications that interact with Parallels Panel via the protocol.

Parallels Panel Extensions SDK
This SDK contains documentation and examples that demonstrate how to create new functionality in Parallels Panel, so-called extensions. Using the SDK, a third-party application can build into the product GUI, interact with all programming interfaces directly through PHP bindings, subscribe to system events and much more.

Customer and Business Manager SDK
Use this SDK to write your own SSL certificate provider, payment gateway, and domain name registrar plugins and include them in Business Manager.


Plesk 8 User Tutorials 


Mail Account Tutorials


Reseller Tutorials

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